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Circus of Scales-a dragon sanctum novella

word count: 23k/23k

Release date:

Feb 2020

Ivy and her mystical dragon are bound to the Circus of Scales. People flock from all over the Emerald Continent to watch Ivy and Celestia's death defying act.

With the threat of dragon hunters lurking in every town, Ivy knows the circus is the safest place for her beloved dragon. Still, Ivy wishes she could give Celestia the freedom a magnificent creature deserves - instead of having to endure the cruel harvesting of her magic as well as other abuses at the hands of the circus ringmaster.

When Celestia is kidnapped, Ivy risks all she has to bring her dragon back. But the farther she gets from the circus, the harder it is to see where the real danger lies. 


 Featured in the YA anthology Cirque du vol Mystique.

first draft: complete

second draft: complete

editing: in progress



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Chord & Crystal - the siege and the spire book 1

word count: 53,000/80k

Release date:

To Be Announced

Faleen Osprey was born on the wrong side of the boundary. Not only does she stick out with her larger dress size, few people in her pious village understand the depths of her mysterious gifts.

Faleen keeps her secrets and faithfully serves her people, until signs she can no longer ignore predict a sinister blight. When the dark illness ensnares her little brother, she feels she has no choice but to go against everyone's cautions and cross the boundary into a land where her size is appreciated, and magic is not only tolerated, it is honored.

But that honor comes with a high price, and Faleen will have to stretch herself to the brink of destruction if she is going to gain the knowledge she needs to save her home.

If it's not already too late.

first draft: in progress

second draft: