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Constance Roberts has had many exciting jobs, including flight attendant and preschool gymnastics coach, but being a writer is her favorite. When she isn't taking care of her family, she loves to read and scribble fantastical worlds into existence. She is the author of several fantasy novels and gender-bent fairy tale retellings. She's also an avid bookstagramer under the handle


Inquiries regarding translations, film and other dramatic rights, literary works, convention appearances, etc, should be directed to Constance via her contact page.


Which of your books is the best?

That's like asking which one of my kids is my favorite. (I'll never tell ;) ) Each one put me through a series of triumphs and struggles, and every time I write one I think, "This one. This is the best book I've written." But the truth is there is no real answer to this.

Which of your books should I read first?

That depends on what you're in the mood for! If you love fantasy, I'd suggest Sigil in Shadow, LOST, or The Dragon Sanctum. If you want something more modern, check out STRUNG or Magic Dancer Academy.

Are your books appropriate for my 10/12/14 year old?

While that's up to the individual parents to decide, I try to keep the content in my books to the typical standards of the YA genre. There are no explicit scenes in any of my books. To find out more about each book, check out My Book Cave for ratings.

Do I need to read the Twisted Fairy Tales in order?

No. The Twisted Fairy Tales is a shared-world series, meaning each book written by a different author. While the stories take place in the same world, they are not intricately connected and each stand on their own, so readers are free to read them in any order they please.

When did you know you wanted to be a writer?

There definitely were signs--a four yr old me dictating stories to my mom on the book of drawings I made, using thirty pages to complete a fifth grade writing assignment, failing math class because I was too busy writing stories in notebook to pay attention. But it wasn't until it was time to think about college that I realized there was no other subject I was interested in.

What school did you go to? What kind of education did you get to be an author?

After high school, I earned an associate degree in Communication Arts, which is just a fancy way of studying creative writing. Since I'm older and wise now, and you don't need a specific degree to become an author, I'd advise one to study and pursue any other subject they are interested in. All education has value and can contribute to your writing--just be sure to keep reading books on the craft of writing. 

Are you traditionally published or indie published?

Both! I'm what's known as a hybrid author. My first book, Sigil in Shadow, was acquired by a mid-range publisher. After that, I was invited to write in the shared-world series, Twisted Fairy Tales, by a small indie-press. While I've chosen to self-publish my most recent series, I'm currently looking for representation for my newest fantasy duology.

What advice do you have for writers?

Never. Stop. READING. I cannot stress this enough. Whether it's a "good" book or a "bad" book, an instant bestseller or an obscure gem, you will learn about writing with every single book you read. A writing routine is important, but make the time to read. Read books in the genre you want to write in. Read books out of your comfort zone. Read classics, read biographies, and most importantly, read books about writing. 

I love to review books. Is it possible I could get a review copy from you?

An author always needs more reviews! Message me on my contact page for a book request or any other inquiries.

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