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The Circus is Back!

Globally, it's been a rough year so far. My personal life has taken some hits as well. (See my previous post) But I'm thrilled to announce that despite some setbacks and delays, the circus has returned in Isle of Dragons, the second Dragon Sanctum book...

Fury burns brighter than fear.

To keep Celestia and her new friends out of the clutches of the devious ringmaster, Ivy left her dragon behind at a sanctuary across the sea. Reluctantly, she returns to the circus, claiming the prized dragon has been slaughtered at the hands of ruthless hunters. Without Celestia, Ivy's place in the circus is no longer secure. In her dragon's absence, a dark chill begins to snake through Ivy that even a new paramour's arms cannot warm. When the circus embarks to a new land, Ivy must work quickly to foil the ringmaster's plans before her chance to return to the dragon and the boy she left behind is ripped away forever.

Titus has plenty to keep him busy getting the Sanctum ready for winter, but his mind is consumed by thoughts of the orange-haired circus girl. He'd promised to stay put and wait for her return, but when outside threats appear on shore, and the dragon he'd vowed to protect goes missing, he may have to abandon the sanctuary in order to set things right.

Neither are prepared for what they find at journey's end. Ivy and Titus will have to trust each other and improvise, or see their dreams reduced to ashes.

Available now!

I'm also pleased to announce the cover reveal for book 3, Kingdom of Beasts is coming soon!

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