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Author's Note

For reasons beyond my understanding, mysterious dark forces rallied together to try to prevent me from finishing Isle of Dragons. Shortly after starting the second draft, my laptop busted. Several files and scenes were lost and had to be rewritten from scratch. A close family member was hospitalized. The world shut down, and so did my focus and creativity.

To me, this book is a miracle. There was more than one time I stood on the edge, facing the smoldering mess I’d have to wade through to turn this story into a book, and almost dropped it and turned back. But that’s not what a true heroine would do. Especially not Ivy. With the help of valiant family and friends, as well my own spiritual dragon, I was able to pull myself up by a thread and forge ahead.

Thank you for taking this journey with me. Ivy and Celestia’s story is far from over, but they could use your help to continue. Please consider leaving a review for this book or Circus of Scales on any book retailer website. Reviews help readers find books, and books help readers find hope. My personal problems were worked out, but our world continues to burn. Please remember, in this time of great adversity we all face together, be courageous, be kind, and be the change this world needs to see.

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