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New Book Announcement!

If you're one of my VIPs, or if you've checked out the new Work In Progress page, then you might have already heard about the new release I have coming out in February. I've had a lot questions come in since that email so I figured I'd drop all the details in the Q&A below!

Circus of Scales

The Dragon Sanctum 1

Ivy and her mystical dragon are bound to the Circus of Scales. People flock from all over the Emerald Continent to watch Ivy and Celestia's death defying act.

With the threat of dragon hunters lurking in every town, Ivy knows the circus is the safest place for her beloved dragon. Still, Ivy wishes she could give Celestia the freedom a magnificent creature deserves - instead of having to endure the cruel harvesting of her magic as well as other abuses at the hands of the circus ringmaster.

When Celestia is kidnapped, Ivy risks all she has to bring her dragon back. But the farther she drifts from the circus, the harder it is to see where the real danger lies.

Q: Is this book a part of the Twisted Fairy Tales series?

A: No. Circus of Scales is an original story not based on any fairy tale.

Q: Haven't I already read this? It's in the Cirque Du Vol Mystique anthology, right?

A: Yes and no. The story was published a year ago by Crescent Sea Publishing for their circus anthology, however now that I have rights back, I've chosen to expand upon it. This book now has an editing overhaul, map, as well as an additional chapter!

Q: Will this be a series?

A: Yes! Each part will be released as a novella (short book, a hundred pages or so) and there are three installments in The Dragon Sanctum series.

Q: Will this be released as an audiobook?

A: Perhaps. It is something I would love to do, but the reality of creating an audiobook depends greatly on the number of pre-orders, reviews, and overall sales. If this is something you're interested in, please consider pre-ordering or reviewing the book.

Q: When do I get to read this??

A: Circus of Scales releases Feb. 2020 (pre-order coming soon) but if you can't wait that long, you can join my ARC squad to snag a free advanced copy. :)

Keep up with the book's progress!

Cover reveal coming soon!

(Seriously, I can't wait for you to see this one.)

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