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Book Haul from #Pennedcon2019

Being an author has its perks. One being that you can sometimes trade your books with other authors at conventions and come home with quite a bounty. While I didn't trade for all of these books, each one has a story for how I acquired it at Penned Con.

Click on each cover to read the full synopsis.

I shared a table at Penned Con with K.M. Robinson. We planned this well in advance so it wasn't a random thing. She and I both write fairy tale retellings and know each other's books well enough to work together. I was hoping to snag a copy of Lions and Lamps, her new Aladdin steampunk retelling, but alas she sold out of that one. My next choice was book one of The Siren Wars, a little mermaid retelling. In return, I traded her a copy of STRUNG. She's a boss on Instagram and I can't wait to see how she photographs it.

I found this book the night before the con when all of the authors were setting up their tables. It drew my attention because I've been on a viking kick lately with shows and books and it sounded right up my alley.It looked so good I started to panic that it would sell out before I had a chance to buy it during the con. The author was super nice and let me slip her some cash as she was setting up so I could secure a copy. I read the first paragraph already and am hooked. It's high up on my TBR.

This series has been on my radar for a while and honestly I don't even know why I haven't read it yet. When I found out the author was going to be at Penned I decided it was a sign that I should get this book. Lol.

I pre-ordered Air Awakens since this author is pretty popular and I was scared she'd run out. During set-up, I went to her booth and asked her very nicely if I could go ahead and pick it up. She asked me what my name was and I happened to be the name on the order she had sitting on her table. I was super awkward and like "I'm not trying to steal it I really am Constance Roberts! See my badge?" *facepalm* But she was super sweet and signed my book and I hurried up so I could get out of her hair. Lol.

This was another one that I pre-ordered. (I'll admit it, the cover got me.) Unfortunatly, I didn't have time to actually go and pick it up until like the last hour of the con and I couldn't find the author's table. I was totally fine to contact her later to get it, but I happened to be standing in line next to her when we were all waiting for the elevator. We got to talking and it turns out we actually have a lot in common and I can't wait to read her book!

One of the authors of this series is a good friend of mine and I've been waiting to get my hands on book 3. Plus, my favorite character is on the cover!) I would have bought it already but it's such a heffer (like 600 pages) that it's expensive to ship unless you have Amazon prime. When I found out Megan would be at the con I decided to just wait until we were face to face and then she could sign it.

What can I say about this one? During set-up I found this and thought it looked interesting. And relatable. And hilarious. I've already read a few stories in this and it's worth every penny. :)

I recommend it for anyone who has ever taken care of a tiny human.

I traded a copy of Strung for Dream Keeper. I've been interested in this book since last year when it came out and I found out it was a Sandman retelling. The inside of this book is absolutely gorgeous!!! Almost as pretty as this cover. Amber Duell is a hoot to hang out with and I'm so glad I met her.

I met Scarlett Kol through a mutual author friend and we basically traded books. This sounds really unique because it's an Ariel retelling, but with angels instead of mermaids. And they're in a high school. I can't wait!!!

Lucy Smoke is super outgoing and we just started hanging out all of a sudden, bonding over Bookstagram. We decided to do a book trade, but she only had book 2 left, so I took that and she's going to mail me book 1, Daimon. I absolutely fell in love with these covers. And her bookstagram.

Well that about wraps it up. Excuse me if you don't hear from me for awhile. I'm going to build a pillow fort in my bedroom and not come out until these are done. I also want to read The Night Circus this fall since I know I'll love it and am embarrassed that I haven't read it yet.

What's a book you're going to read this fall?

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