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Penned Con 2019

For those of you that don't know, Penned Con is a book conference that benefits Action for Autism. Every September, readers and authors from around the world meet in St. Louis for a three days where we take classes, sign our books, and hang out with our favorite readers and authors. All of the proceeds go to charities like AFA and Autism Academy, which helps kids with Autism transition into public schools.

This year was a blast! Not only was I signing copies of my books, but I also got the opportunity to host one of my best writer friends, K.M. Robinson. We also hung out with Megan Linski, Alicia Rades, Amber Duell, and Dana Fraedrich and Scarlett Kol and I met tons more! I came home with way too many books and will be up all night reading until at least next year. I love this con and highly recommend it if you're a reader of any kind and want to support a good cause.

I'll be spending the rest of the week recovering and making big plans. I should have some fun announcements coming for you soon!

Until then!

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