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Brewing Books: Once Upon A Book Retelling GIVEAWAY! books and hot beverages ahead!

I’m excited to be a part of the Brewing Books Retellings Tour this year with nine other fabulous authors. If you’d like to participate, you can visit all ten blogs, collect the numbers, and then enter the final total on the Brewing Books Rules Post for your chance to win one of our amazing Brewing Books Prize Packs! It's that easy!

My gender bent retelling "Lost" is up for grabs, as well as a cup of caffeinated peppermint hot cocoa! For those of you new to Neverland, here's a little bit about what to expect with Peter Pan as a girl....

What if Peter Pan was a girl? Neverland sits in ruins. The Pirate Queen wages war. Pandora’s only hope lies in a boy… with no powers. It’s been a century since the Pirate Queen banned all men from the island. Pandora and her Lost Girls hide in crumbling palaces of rulers long gone while pirates terrorize the land. Pan’s only solace is sneaking off to the human realm with her pixie, Tinkerbeau, and spying on the most fascinating creatures she’s ever seen… humans. Tucked away in the flats of London, Pan discovers a lonely boy with an astonishing connection to Neverland. She whisks him away to give as a present to the Lost Girls, convinced he is the key to restoring peace. But as they prepare to battle the Pirate Queen, a terrible truth is revealed. There’s only one way to save Neverland. But Pan’s past has a hidden secret, one that puts her friends— and all of Neverland— in danger. LOST is a standalone novel. It is the second book in the shared author series Twisted Fairy Tales.

My favorite thing about writing a Peter Pan retelling was being able to re-imagine one of my favorite fairy tale realms. Neverland is broken up into Tribes of Centaurs, Mer, Fairies, Catlings, Wolves, and Lost Girls. Including Pan, there are TWELVE Lost Girls and each one has a name that has something to do with plants. (Briar, Fauna, Thistle, ect.) The deeper I got into this book the more I fell in love with the twisted Neverland I had created. I hope someday I can go back to it, but because it's contracted as a standalone in the Twisted Fairy Tales universe, that is unlikely.

However, yours truly will be returning with another title in this shared series. September 2019 Gryfyn Publishing will be releasing "Strung" a gender bent Pinocchio retelling! That's right, you'll get to rediscover the classic character as a GIRL!

Cover and blurb reveal are coming soon, but for now head over to the unbelievably talented, queen of retellings, K.M. Robinson's Blog for the next stop on the Brewing Books Blog Tour. (Fun fact, she lives in Narnia. No joke, just ask her! )

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