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Autumn Review

Hi there!

Though it's not over yet, 2018 has been a whirlwind for me. Here are some of the big happenings (aka excuses for why you haven't seen me) as well as new announcements!

We moved. Twice.

This year, the hubs and I decided...we were gonna buy a house! That turned out to be a much bigger adventure than we were ready for so we ended up packing up the kids and everything we own (including 100 books and 300 boardgames) and crashing at my inlaws house for few months. 10 to be exact! It was quite an adjustment and the home buying process was a roller coaster but I'm relieved to report I am typing up this post from my very own desk in my very own home! Our house is wonderful and it could not be more perfect for us. Hubs has a game room, kids and dog have a fenced in yard, I have an oversized bedroom that fits my bookshelves, reading chaise, and then some. It is paradise!

I started a business. Sort of.

Except I don't get paid in money (very often). I get paid in BOOKS! Which is even better! About a year or so ago I started getting really active on "bookstagram" posting pretty pictures of books. I devote a good chunk of time doing this, and eventually publishers and authors started sending me their books to photograph. And I get to keep all the books! Companies also send me bookish products to feature. I am currently a rep for a magical YA book subscription box called Unicorn Crate. (Use code IMAGERY10 to save!) You have no idea how much bookstagramming has enriched my life! In the future I'll do a more in depth post on how I do this so you can get started too! For now, follow me on Instagram to see my posts.

I have a new book coming out!

"Lost" is a gender bend fairy tale retelling in the shared series Twisted Fairy Tales. Each author writes a different fairy tale, swapping the main character's gender. "Lost" is about Peter Pan as a girl. It's available Oct. 20th but you can pre-order now!

What if Peter Pan was a girl? Neverland sits in ruins. The Pirate Queen wages war. Pandora’s only hope lies in a boy… with no powers. It’s been a century since the Pirate Queen banned all men from the island. Pandora and her Lost Girls hide in crumbling palaces of rulers long gone while pirates terrorize the land. Pan’s only solace is sneaking off to the human realm with her pixie, Tinkerbeau, and spying on the most fascinating creatures she’s ever seen… humans. Tucked away in the flats of London, Pan discovers a lonely boy with an astonishing connection to Neverland. She whisks him away to give as a present to the Lost Girls, convinced he is the key to restoring peace. But as they prepare to battle the Pirate Queen, a terrible truth is revealed. There’s only one way to save Neverland. But Pan’s past has a hidden secret, one that puts her friends— and all of Neverland— in danger. LOST is a standalone novel. It is the second book in the shared author series Twisted Fairy Tales.

I signed another book contract.

"Lost" and the other Twisted Fairy Tales got incredible feedback at Penned Con and has already sold well, so we decided to move forward with another batch of gender bend characters. This set features new authors as well as myself. I'll be announcing my fairy tale character soon and I can't wait to tell you! It's a retelling that not many authors have touched yet so I'm so excited to get started. Keep an eye out for the official announcement.

I have a lot more projects and events I'll be sharing with you soon. I've never been more excited to be an author and I can't wait to let you in on all the things that are happening!

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