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Must Reads: The Unicorn Hunter by Rachel Kirkaldie

Since I've put a pause on my book reviewing for a while, I wasn't planning on participating in any blog tours this year. But when the author approached me I couldn't resist. The book didn't even have a cover yet. All I knew about it was the title. I thought, "The Unicorn Hunter"...? Um, yes please. Sign me up! The cover ended up being stunning, and by the way the book is even better.

Princess Jessalyn's betrothal is the talk of the realm, but all she cares about is escaping her family's smelly fishing kingdom. As queen of Gontir, her life will finally be perfect. But her plans are shattered when she's kidnapped by a murderous unicorn hunter in a plot to destroy Gontir. With her dreams in ruins, Jessalyn must decide if the life she's always wanted is worth the price of her heart.

Why you should read it:

This story has every element I devour in a book: enchanting world building, forbidden magic, haughty royals and thieves thrown together on a quest. The Unicorn Hunter was captivating from the very first page. Jessalyn seems to be the epitome of your typical spoiled princess. But as much as you want to hate her, you love to roll your eyes when she complains or laugh at her when she does something stupid and gets mud all over her favorite gown. And, it's even more rewarding to watch her grow and realize there's more to life than jewels and mirrors.

Her sister princess. basically the polar opposite of Jessalyn ,was definitely more my speed. There wasn't nearly enough of her in the book, so much so that I can't actually remember her name, but I'm guessing she's going to have her own story soon enough.

Kirkaldie does an excellent job fleshing out both the male and female characters. The chapters jump back and forth between Jessalyn and Erik and make the story much more rounded.

The only real complaint I had upon finishing it, was that it seemed to be over in a blink. Erik and Jessalyn's story didn't feel quite finished, so I imagine there will be a sequel in the near future. And hopefully her sister will be in it!

Check out The Unicorn Hunter today!

Hope you like it!

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