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Cover Sneak Peak!

The one year anniversary of my latest book "Sigil in Shadow" is coming up next month. Let me tell you, it has been one crazy year. And while I don't have the next book out yet (which I contribute to a rough pregnancy and adjusting to a new baby) I do have a gift or my VIP readers!

Have you ever wondered how Denzil and his friends were able to sneak into the Secret Soiree? Did you know the first time Denzil and Ellary met was NOT when she first arrived at the palace in White Valley? See first hand, through Denzil's POV what REALLY happened that night, in this exclusive story, "Bird of Splendor" available only to VIP readers.

If you're not already a VIP, join today and download your free story coming July 20th. Be the first to see the full cover in your inbox June 26th.

Sign up here!

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