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8 Times I Should Have Known I Was A Writer.

I believe there is a writer inside everyone and everyone's takes different forms. We are all working on our life story everyday. Like most authors, the writer in me made appearances early on. Here are those times I should have seen this lifestyle coming:

1. That time when I was four and I "wrote" my first book. I drew all the pictures and folded it into book form. My mom was always nice enough to write down the words I dictated to her verbatim.

2. That time when I read my first chapter book. That was a proud time for me and everyone knew it. I would pull out my copy of Babysitters Club Little Sister and say something casual like, "Oh don't mind me. I'm just going to read a little of my chapter book...It has chapters in it."

3. That time when l was in 4th grade and our teacher asked us to write a story about what we would do if we were on a deserted Island. All of the other kids were done in fifteen minutes and went to recess. I stayed inside though an epic kickball game to finish. When I was 20 elementary pages in and there was still no end in sight, my wonderful teacher let me keep writing through the math lesson. On a side note, that was probably the day a terrible habit was formed...

4. Those times, many, many times, in Algebra when I would blow off practice problems to scribble stories about me and my friends in my white tiger notebook. Since adventures about witches in the woods and pet horses were way more interesting than solving for x, I can barely remember the "F.O.I.L." method today.

5. That time when the Scholastic Book Fair came to my school and I felt like I had won a golden ticket to Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory.

6. Those times I would lay in bed telling myself stories until I fell asleep.

7. That time I got a job at the library just so I could work around books.

8. That time I had to choose a major in college, and writing was the only thing I could see myself doing for the rest of my life.


So those are mine. When did you know you were meant to be a writer?

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