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February Update

My first attempt at a Facebook Live session happened on Wed, Feb 1st. It was a little scary at first but a lot of fun. Now that I know how it works, a Live update is something I would like to do every month to make announcements, chat, and give book recommendations. Maybe I'll add a Q&A where you send in a question ahead of time. What do you think?

So in case you've missed it, I'll post it here. And if you'd rather skip the awkward video and just get the gist of it, I'll post the highlights below:

If the video is not working on this site, you can check in out on my Facebook page


1. Title for Sigil in Shadow sequel

I now have a working title for the sequel for Sigil in Shadow. As of right now, the book will be called Veil of Diamonds and will be told as Princess Corrin's story, picking up right where we ended. There is a lot going on in the shadows of Windcrest's palace and the story just isn't over yet. At least not for Corrin.

No release date yet. I will post the blurb as soon as I am able.

2. New Giveaway!

Win six new books, including a paperback or ebook of Sigil in Shadow! (Winner's choice) This giveaway is being sponsored by New LDS Fiction and will be running until the end of the month. Click here to enter the giveaway!

3. FREE YA Romance Anthology

I have a short story featured in a You and Me Forever, a new YA anthology being released March 7th from Gryfyn Publishing. (assuming it doesn't break my contract with Cedar Fort. I'll know more soon) The best thing is the book will be permanently free! Enjoy!

February Book Recommendations

This book is like the young adult version of Game of Thrones. EVERYONE DIES!!! No one is safe. And by young adult, I don't mean watered down. It's simply catered to more to that audience. But it's seriously addicting. I don't usually read series right after one another but I did with this and also got my Bestie addicted to it as well.

*Goodreads Link*

And if you've already read that....

Pick up this one. I read a lot of Arabian Fantasy last year and this was my favorite series. It's a true gem and if you like far away exotic kingdoms and dangerous romance, you won't be disappointed.

*Goodreads Link*

In Other News

Not much is going on outside of my book world. Westley has settled in at home nicely and I've fully recovered from the surgery. He's pretty much on a schedule now and sleeping better at night. I'm just trying to get back into the routine of writing, all while trying to be a decent parent. Wish me luck!

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