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Looking Ahead

2016 has been a whirlwind of firsts, surprises, and a few hiccups, but I don't regret a thing! And I made it out alive with 9 months of no caffeine! I dare say 2016 has been my best yet. :)

I know this year has been a doosey for a lot of people, and it hasn't exactly been a piece of cake for me either. All though I reached a lot of my goals for 2016, I also suffered some disappointments. Such is life. I've made it through everything like I always do, by focusing on the positive. So what I was surprised with an unplanned pregnancy? - I get to raise a healthy son, just like I've always wanted. (It just came sooner than I'd planned.) So what I didn't get the house I wanted? I still have a safe place to live with my happy family and I know our perfect home is still out there.

Something I'm going to be focusing on in 2016, besides getting a serious amount of work done, is staying on top of my positive attitude, as well as sharing how YOU can make a better life for yourself, without spending a dime and by training yourself to have a different outlook. It's not easy. It can even be a little annoying at first, but stick to it and you'll be amazed at the person you become and the person you used to be.

*This is by no means a substitute for medical care for someone suffering from a mental illness. If you have symptoms of depression or any other mental disorder, please talk to you doctor.*

I'll be talking more about this later, but for now, I'll refer you to this post on my book review blog, Connie's Bookmark.

So, what's up in 2017? I'm going to do something scary and share my book nerd goals with you. That way, we can look back and make sure I stayed on top of my commitments.

Sign a new contract

First things first. I need to get the sequel out for Sigil in Shadow. After an exhausting pregnancy and having an adorable yet distracting newborn, I am way behind on schedule. But I've purchased a fantastic new planner recommended by one of my favorite authors, Sherry Ficklin, to help me stay on track to finish this book and get it into your hands as soon as possible. I can't promise the sequel will come in 2017. - that all depends on the schedule of my publisher, but I intend to sign that contract well before the year is over.

New blog post every week

I love blogging. About books, life, funny stuff, whatever. It's a big part of my job as an author so I need to make time for it. I'll be posting AT LEAST once a week, if not on here, then on my book review blog Connie's Bookmark. Read my book recommendations and reviews, as well as interviews with other authors.

2017 Goodreads Challenge

Speaking of books, I met my goal of 25 books in 2016! *confetti* It may not seem like a lot, but for a busy, working, writing, wifey, mom, I think it's a good number. Now, as a mom of a newborn and a lot of writing work to do, I stripped down my goal tremendously this year. 16 books. Yep. That's it. I hope I can read 100 books. But this year, I'm really focusing my limited free time on writing. In the meantime, lets be friends on Goodreads and chat about our current book addiction.

Bigger and Better Instagram

I really admire those bookstagramers that can churn out 3 or 4 pristine photographs a day. There's something so appealing about seeing our favorite books in such a pretty setting. While I wouldn't call myself a photographer, I don't see why I can't get in on the fun. I'll post once a day, trying to make the subject have something to do with the written word. Also, I'd love to have 1,000 by January. Check me out here.

Author Appearances

Unfortunately, I have no plans to do an official tour this year. I'm just not comfortable leaving my baby while he's still so little and nursing. But I do have a few local signings and guest speaker spots in the works and I will update those on the Event Page as they come.

What do you think? Can I handle all of this while momming and searching for a new house? What are your top goals for the year?

Wish me luck!

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